Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

이지호(Ji Ho Lee)


Laboratory: 형설관 503호

Telephone: 051)606-2284

Probability Theory

Research Field
Exchangeability, Random Matrix, Stable Processes, Neural Networks

Research Interests
[1]Alpha-stable convergence of heavy-tailed infinitely-wide neural networks (2021), submitted. ( (With Paul Jung, Hoil Lee, Hongseok Yang)
[2]A de Finetti-type Representation of Joint Hierarchically Exchangeable Arrays on Directed AcyclicGraphs (2021) , submitted. (
[3]A Generalization of Hierarchical Exchangeability on Trees to Directed Acyclic Graphs, Annales Henri Lebesgue, Volume 4 (2021) , pp. 325-368. (With Paul Jung, Sam Staton, Hongseok Yang)

Joint Hierarchical Exchangeability on Directed Acyclic Graphs, 2020 (Advisor: Paul Jung)