Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

정현우(Hyunwoo Jung)


Laboratory: 창조관 5704

Telephone: 051)606-2350

Optimization Algorithm

Research Interests
Optimization Algorithm, Approximation Algorithm, Game Theory

[2] JH Khang, MJ Kim, JB Park, YS Jung, SH Yun, HW Jung, Study on Mathematical Properties and Applications of Matching Problems, R&E, 2014
[1] YW Jeong, KJ Ahn, W Heo, KJ Lim, SH Yun, HW Jung, Applying Algorithmic Game Theory to School Related Problems, R&E, 2012

KSA Graduation Research
[15] SY Kim, Research on Voting Methods Satisfying the Majority, Graduation Research, 2017.
[14] KH Kim, Crowd Counting in Image Through Image Processing and Machine Learning, Graduation Research, 2017.
[13] JH Kim, Algorithm for Meeting Place and Routing Problems Considering Population Distribution, Graduation Research, 2017.
[12] JA Lee, Arrhythmia Detection Algorithm Through Photoplethysmogram, Graduatioin Research, 2016.
[11] MS Jang, Construction of Multi-hop Network Between Mobile Devices Using Bluetooth Connection, Graduation Research, 2015.
[10] MC Son, Analysis of Similarity Among Music, Graduation Research, 2015.
[9] JH Khang, Combinatorial Analysis on the Grouping Problem, Graduation Research, 2015.
[8] JM Hong, Proper Timetable Constructing Algorithm Design for the Curriculum of Korea Science Academy, Graduation Research, 2015.
[7] YJ Hwang, Research About Origami and Its Pattern of Folding and Unfolding Paper, Graduation Research, 2014.
[6] JY Kim, Algorithm Design and Analysis of Stable Matching Through Applying Game Theory, Graduation Research, 2014.
[5] DH Kang, Define and Analyze MAX-ecr ProblemBased on Algorithm, Graduation Research, 2014.
[4] KJ Ahn, The k-men Exchange Stable Marriage, Graduation Researh, 2013.
[3] HS Ryu, Time-table Constructing Algorithm for KSA of KAIST, Graduation Research, 2013.
[2] MC Kim, Guarding Problems on a Graph, Graduation Research, 2013.
[1] YW Jeong, Various Kinds of Gossiping Problems and Possible Extension Research, Graduation Research, 2013.