Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

임종렬(Jongryul Jay Lim)


Number Theory

Research Interests
Integer Partition, Enumerative Combinatorics.

Research Methodology Seminar
[4] YJ Han, KR Kang, TK Kim, SJ Seo, An upper bound for integer partitions using square number, Research Methodology Seminar, 2015.
[3] YC Han, DY Lee, YH Seo, WK Song, On partitions using unit fractions, Research Methodology Seminar, 2015.
[2] JW Jeong, WJ Kim, SJ Yoon, Balanced Non-transitive dice in general case, Research Methodology Seminar, 2017.
[1] SS Han, JW Moon, YJ Seo, Building 3D models with 2D photos, Research Methodology Seminar, 2017.

[2] SS Han, JR Lim, JW Moon, JH Seo, YJ Seo, Development of an algorithm to analyze the risk of the farm outbreak due to wild birds infected with HPAI, R&E, 2018.
[1] HS Hwang, YH Jo, JS Kim, JR Lim, Finding combinatorial proofs and graphical applications of alternating partition identities, R&E, 2016.

Graduation Research
[6] DH Kim, KSA introducing chatbot, Graduation Research, 2018.
[5] SY Lee, On the car distribution based on road system, Graduation Research, 2018.
[4] WJ Shin, On the number of stable card stacking ways, Graduation Research, 2018.
[3] WH Kim, Integer Partition With Constraints, Graduation Research, 2017.
[2] WK Song, The ways to divide integers with sum of unit fractions and its properties, Graduation Research, 2017.
[1] SY Kil, Development of a currency exchange rates forecast algorithm, Graduation Research, 2016.